Eco-Friendly Week: Cooking & Heating Tips

One of the biggest ways we affect the environment when preparing meals is when we actually cook our food. If we give just a little thought to the way we use energy when heating our food, we can lessen our impact. Or just read this cheat sheet:

  • Turn it off early. Switch off the oven/toaster oven/frying pan just a minute or two before you're done cooking. It'll still stay hot enough to cook but will save a little energy.

  • Use the right size burner. Match the pan size to the size of the stove top burner. If you use a small pan on a large burner you'll be heating up the entire element but only using the part that touches the pan. Instead try to use the smallest burner possible.

  • Use your toaster oven. Toaster ovens use 1/3 to 1/2 as much energy as full size ovens, so use your toaster oven instead of the full oven whenever possible (e.g. single servings). This is especially good when heating up leftovers - the toaster oven will heat that pizza just as good as the oven will, but it'll be faster and save energy too!

  • Cover your pots when boiling. Use a covered kettle or pan to boil water. It's faster and uses less energy.

  • Skip preheating. Try not to preheat if possible; it's just burning energy in an empty pan or oven. It's more important to preheat when baking, less important when cooking dinner. If the first step of your directions says to preheat, consider doing it a few steps into the process.

  • Keep the oven door closed. When baking or roasting, keep the oven door closed. Each time you open to check you are letting out heat, causing the oven to burn more energy. We know it's tempting, but that's what the light is for!

When you save energy you save two more things: time and money. So what's not to love about these tips? What are your energy-saving cooking tips?

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Francis Bell said...

REALLY GREAT NEWS!!! You can now not only heat and cool your home the clean,earth friendly , renewable , geothermal way-but also your POOL! This is information well worth looking into-Francis

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