SSS #4: Keep the flavor, lose the fat!

Just because you're getting ready for swimsuit season doesn't mean that you have to give up flavor in your meals!! Especially on your salads. Wish Bone makes an incredible spray dressing that's only 1-2 calories per spray. That means you can have lots of yummy ranch on your salad without blowing your entire day on a 'salad'!

And the I Can't Believe It's Not Butter Spray is a real life saver! It's perfect to sautee veggies, spray on toast, use on steamed veggies, fish, etc. Anywhere you'd use butter you can use this spray for a FRACTION of the fat and calories.

What are your tricks for trimming a few calories?

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Vicki said...

I use PAM wherever I can - sauteing, spray-lining a baking pan, anything! It has no calories and gives an even coating to help with cooking and baking. I'd rather get my calories from somewhere else!

I can't wait to try the WishBone spray dressing - I didn't even know it existed!

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