Multi-tasking gadgets

In today's society we're all about multi-tasking and want everything to have multiple purposes. I'm the queen of this ... maybe to a fault! Here are a couple of my favorite kitchen gadgets that do double duty for me.

The thermometer - I religiously use this when cooking meat because I'm freaked out about undercooking poultry! However, I also use it to check the bath water before putting my baby in the tub. I know I could buy one of those silly, plastic bath toys that checks the water temp, but why when I've got this great tool that is screaming for more use?

Kitchen Shears - Ok, these are great for cutting open bags and normal scissorly duties. But I also use them to cut up all of my kids' food. They're perfect for cutting pasta, pizza, chicken nuggets, waffles, you name it! Much easier than using a fork and knife. I aslo use kitchen sheers for preparing (almost) all of my fresh herbs - it's much simpler to cut fresh chives with shears than even the sharpest knife.

Ice cube trays - Right. They're to make ice. But you can also use them to freeze small portions of leftovers, too. Pasta sauce? Freeze in the ice tray and reheat as much as you need. Stocks and broths? Same thing - great for soups, stews and casseroles. Fruit that's about to go bad? Puree and freeze small batches for use in baking or yummy treats for the kids (or homemade baby food!).

Shoe organizer - This one isn't necessarily for the kitchen, but this is my FAVORITE new organization tool and I have to share it with you. The over-the-door shoe organizers are great for shoes, but that's not all! I have one in my hall closet to organize the millions of the power cords we have. And one in my bathroom closet to organize all of the medicine and toiletries. They're about $10 at Target and well worth the investment in my opinion!

What kitchen (or household) gadgets do you have that do double duty?

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Vicki said...

I use kitchen shears for everything! Depending on what you´re cutting, sometimes it saves having to get out a cutting board, and I´m all for having less dishes to wash!

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