All I Want for Christmas is Some Not-Ugly Cookies

I'd like to say that my Christmas cookies this year turned out great. But I'd also like to tell the truth (and avoid getting a lump of coal in my stocking). So here's a quick rundown of what I learned during my Christmas Cookie Baking Session:

The Ginger Chocolate Chip Bars are delish! They are easy and super tasty.

The ornament cookies that are all the rage this year are best left to people with more patience than me. After the first one I got tired of decorating them and got really tired of the little "ornament hooks" not sticking in. I think these have great potential but I'm not quite sure how to actually achieve it.

These cookies are superb! They're made from a rich brownie mix, dark chocolate whipped frosting, and even have a little dab of peanut butter hiding under the frosting. The only problem is that I got lazy and just made 24, when I probably should have made them stretch to about 36. Each one is pretty big and is really filling (not that I'm complaining!). For a party, I think it's better to have more cookies that are smaller, plus they're better for snacking. I just need to learn some patience in the kitchen and be willing to make another tray-ful!

These cookies will go down in my family history as The Ugliest Cookies Ever. I affectionately call them Cheesecake Shrapnel. I feel like the concept was good - use premade sugar cookie dough as a crust and then a delicious (and easy!) cream cheese filling, with some white chocolate chips sprinkled on top. But again I was trying to go too quickly and made one tray (24) of them when I should have done at least 36. The result was super swelled-up mini-cheesecakes that stuck to the pan. This was what they looked like after taking them out of the pan:

RIP, little cheesecakes. Next year I'm going to modify the recipe and do this:
1 - Roll premade sugar cookie into a ball, and press down in the middle to make a bowl.
2 - Add in the cheesecake filling.
3 - Make them much smaller than this year.

Stay tuned for the official FunnySpoon Cheesecake Cookie recipe!

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