Measuring takes too much time!

Most people enjoy my cooking and love to come to dinner at my house, but always insist on bringing the dessert. They all know I'm a terrible baker. I think most of my baking challenge has to do with the fact that I rarely measure things. Obviously that's a requirement in baking!

Instead of measuring things I like to eyeball them. I think I mostly do this because a) I'm too lazy to get out the measuring spoons and cups and b) I'm too lazy to do those extra dishes. If you are lazy like me, then try out these shortcuts to save yourself a few minutes:

1) a teaspoon = a palmful (when you make a cup with your hand this covers the very center)
2) a tablespoon = a handful (covers the entire base of your palm)
3) a cup = a heaping handful (fill your hand like you're holding a baseball)
4) a tablespoon of oil = 1 turn around the pan (pouring the oil around the circumfrence of the pan)

What are your measuring, cooking and baking shortcuts? Us lazy cooks need to stick together!

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Vicki said...

In the past week I've used your tablespoon of olive oil tip 3 times. I'm still amazed by it and it saves so much time (and dishwashing)!

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