Meals for the Week

Our main concept at FunnySpoon is that if you go with easy recipes that take advantage of shortcut products you can buy at the grocery store, you can get a healthy, tasty dinner on the table on a busy weeknight. We're big fans of variety and like the fact that we can come home from work and have dinner ready in about 30 minutes, sometimes even less.

However, there's a way to shave even more time off if you're willing to sacrifice a little variety. Say you've got a busy week where you've got something going on every night and you can't bear the thought of drive-thru every night but you don't know how else you'll get a meal on the table. Then try one of these easy dishes! Make it on Sunday (but don't eat it!) and save it for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday night dinner. Not only do these recipes keep well for a few days, they actually taste better as all the flavors have had a chance to combine.

So try one of the recipes below (double or even triple it depending on the size of your family) and see how much time it saves! You can throw in a quick side salad (bagged lettuce + favorite dressing = super easy side!) and call it a night!

FunnySpoon's Turkey Chili

Johnny (aka Poor Man's Lasagna)



Bacon Ranch Pasta Salad



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