Glass of Sass: What's to "like" about FunnySpoon on Facebook?

Glass of SassCheck out the latest Q&A in our new Glass of Sass column. We know our sassy fans have questions, and we've already poured a glass of wine so we're ready to fire off some answers!

Got a question of your own? Send it in and we will answer it in a future column!

Q:I see that you're on Facebook. That's cool, I'm on there like a million hours a day. So, what do I get if I decide to "like" you on Facebook?

A:We never get tired of hearing we're cool, so thanks! As Facebook-lovers ourselves, there are a few different things we do on Facebook. First, we've got The Daily Spoonful, which is just a daily posting of a drool-worthy (and totally easy!) recipe. Easy dinner inspiration shows up right in your news feed!

We also post enticing snippets of all our blog posts on Facebook, so that just in case you forget to read our blog that day (gasp!) you can get a friendly reminder.

And because we like to have fun just as much as the next girl, we occasionally post fun questions, trivia, or polls for you - our greatest fans!

Convinced yet? Cruise on over to our Facebook page and "like" us!

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