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Q:HELP!! I always start out the week with the best intentions, but then by about Wednesday I'm picking up fast food on the way home or frozen dinners. How can I stay on track throughout the week? It needs to be SIMPLE or I just know I can't stick with it.

A:[Cue superhero music] FunnySpoon to the rescue! We've got a few things that might help. First, you need to get some recipe inspiration. Some people are capable of following strict meal plans, but we feel that even the most customized meal plan (e.g. no seafood, semi-healthy, tons of mushrooms) is still going to offer up a suggestion that just doesn't appeal to you. So we have two different options:

  • The Daily Spoonful. "Like" us on Facebook and you'll get one recipe suggestion per day. You can make the meal that night or save it to your shopping list (just requires signing in on our site) to make later.
  • Weekly Meal Plans.Browse our meal plans and save the recipes you like to your shopping list. Once you hit the number of recipes you need for the week (which will vary by week depending on what else you have going on) then print off the shopping list and you're all set!

We think the flexibility of these options make it much easier to stick to. Try it out and let us know how it goes!

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