Glass of Sass: Cozy Valentine's Day

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Q:I don't mean to be a grouch but Valentine's Day drives me crazy! There's all this pressure to buy overly expensive gifts and then go out to a nice dinner, which inevitably won't even be that nice because the restaurant will be jam-packed and the menu will be pre-set with stuff they probably prepared way in advance. Yuck. But if I offer to cook my husband a meal at home is that going to look cheap? Or will it look like I don't care enough? Help!

A:I'm pretty sure any man (or person, for that matter) would LOVE to have a meal cooked for them. So no need to stress! You can always just slip on a cute, casual dress, light a few candles and the night will feel special without you even having to leave the house (or fork out a ton of dough).

Try these easy recipes for a foolproof, cozy, and romantic evening:

Shrimp Diavolo

Chocolate Truffles

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