Soup is the Answer

If you're anything like me, your jeans are fitting a little tighter after the holidays. No worries - adding some broth-based soups to your diet can help you lose that weight without feeling like you're sacrificing anything. Check this out:

  • Studies have shown that eating broth-based soup before a meal can save you 100 calories throughout the meal because you feel fuller and therefore eat less after the soup. Drinking water can help, but it leaves your system much quicker than soup, so eating a bowl of soup will help you stay full much longer.

  • You might even be able to have JUST the soup for a few lunches per week, which would cut the calories even more. Try one of our recipes below and see for yourself - it really can be a full lunch!

  • It's a great way to get more water in your diet, and we all know how important that is.

  • It's cold out - so cozy up with some soup instead of traditional high-calorie comfort food and you'll feel just as good but with way less calories!

Want more? Check out all our easy soup recipes!

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