Round Out Your Cookie Tray

For some people, Christmas is an excuse to have an all-day bake-fest, ending with batches of beautiful cookies that everyone raves about. For a lot of us, though, that sounds like a ton of work that's going to end with flour all over the kitchen and cookies not quite pretty enough to serve to guests.

So here's our secret to the perfect cookie tray: start with the pretty cookies you'll inevitably receive from friends, neighbors, and your sister that knows how to bake oh-so-much better than you. Then round it out with our equally tasty and still unique recipes below. The platter will look gorgeous and you won't spend days in the kitchen. Win-win!

You'll notice that a lot of our recipes use "cheater" shortcuts, like cookie mixes or pre-made icing. So? We've taste-tested everything and guarantee your guests will love them all. Don't be scared of baking! Using our shortcuts you can be part of the "cool cookie club", which is something we know you've been dying to join. Welcome!

Want more? Check out all of our easy recipes!

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