Since They Don't Do Much Sleeping at Sleepovers ...

Planning a sleepover for your kids is easier than you think because let's face it - they want to eat and get back to running wild as soon as possible.

Our solution to keep 'em happy is Farm Rich Pizza Slices. Whip up our tasty Pizza Dipper Party Platter to fuel 'em up for their wild night!

Pizza Dipper Party Platter

While you're at it, serve up these simple recipes to make the sleepover extra special. Then set out a few flashlights for late-night ghost story telling and you're all set. Have a great party!

The kiddos will need to make a pit-stop so have some Party Mix on hand for refueling. It's an instant energy boost that's super easy to make!
Party Mix

No matter what you feed them the night before, they're sure to wake up hungry. So serve this filling French Toast and Egg Strata for breakfast before sending them home!

French Toast and Egg Strata

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