Be Green ... Not Gross!

We're all trying to be nice to our planet: reduce our waste, recycle whenever possible, reuse products, etc. Right? Right!

And as a part of this, I'm sure you're using canvas, reusable grocery totes, right? Did you know that these bags, while great for the environment, need a little TLC from your washing machine every once in a while? It's true - they grab little pieces of bacteria and contaminants from the groceries & produce you put in them, hold onto them and attach them to the next round of groceries. So while they probably don't need to be laundered as often as your kids' smelly soccer clothes, you should wash them about once per month. Toss them in with the sheets and towels and keep your family healthy & safe from icky, weird food bacteria!

Want a sassy FunnySpoon grocery tote? Just share one of your fave recipes, with a photo, and we'll send you a tote like one of these!

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