Tips for a Hangover

Garlic Rosemary ChickenDon't you hate it when people say the best tip for a hangover is to not drink too much in the first place? Hello, we KNOW we made a mistake but shaking your finger is just making us dizzy! So check out these tips to get over a hangover as quickly as possible (which is still never quick enough, ensuring we have plenty of time to think of what we've done and swear we won't drink as much next time. Until next time.)

Hydrate!! The main reason you're feeling like crap is because you treated your body like crap. You turned your body into a desert. Things aren't moving through and toxins aren't pushing out because there's nothing to encourage them along. Drink a lot of water. Then drink a lot more. Keep drinking it even though you are SO totally sick of it.

Drink orange juice with calcium to restore nutrients and electrolytes and give you energy while HYDRATING! Water is great, for sure, but it gets BORING. Plus you need electrolytes and energy. So go ahead and have some juice or Gatorade to give you a boost.

Eat lean protein like grilled chicken. Lean protein absorbs ethanol, removing it from your system. Throw in some whole wheat toast or pasta as well. We know you want a greasy burger (and you can go that route if you want) but you'll feel much better if you do this. You probably already have the ingredients on hand to make this easy Garlic Rosemary Chicken, getting you on the road to recovery that much quicker.

Sleep it off as much as you can. Hey, it's a decent excuse to catch up on all the shows you secretly enjoy or snooze on the couch guilt-free.

Eat a banana or make a fruit smoothie and take 2 aspirins. Foods that are liquid or not super solid are much easier to get down. And keep down.

Do NOT drink coffee. It will dehydrate you even more. Yes, it sounds good. Yes, you love your morning cup. But you messed up, missy, so today you're going to have to skip the coffee and learn your lesson. Get hydrated and tomorrow we'll let you have your cup o' joe.

OK, enough with the lecture. Go rest up and feel better soon!

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Mangoes and Chutney said...

Lean meat and no coffee, who knew? Although I don't get hangovers anymore, it is good information to know! Thanks!

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