"Jam"ming cocktails

Ever wanted to make a little fruity concoction for yourself only to find that you're out of juice? Well, it happens quite frequently at my house. Those toddlers consume all the good juice before I ever get a chance to use it for a cocktail. However, no fear. As long as you've got some jam, preserves or jelly in your fridge then you're good to go.

It may sound a little weird, but it'll give you a nice sweet flavor without being too overpowering. All you need is a cocktail shaker, ice, vodka (my personal fave) with any flavor of jam, like raspberry, and a little sprite or soda water for a nice, refreshing cocktail.

I like to call this little gem a Rasberry Jammer. Silly name, but a nice way to kick off a Friday evening. And while you're starting your Friday Happy Hour you should probably pair this with these Fruit & Cheese Bites. Nice snack for the kiddos and a great complement to the cocktail.

So, have you tried jam in a cocktail? How did your experiment go?

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Sarah D said...

I usually make fruity drinks with V8 Splash, it's my way of sneaking not only fruit but veggies into cocktail time. This post was perfect! My boys LOVE V8, and most of the time it's gone by the time I want it! I will try it this weekend and give my review! Thanks for another great suggestion, FunnySpoon!

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