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Summer is a great time for barbecues, but you could get me to eat BBQ pretty much any time of year. When I travel I love to try different foods (I'll take any excuse to eat!) and BBQ is one thing in particular I love to try because it's so different depending on the what part of the country you're in. Sometimes it even varies greatly by city, particularly in the Midwest.

So here's my rough stab at the differences in BBQ sauce by region, but if you're an afficionado of a particular kind, please correct me in the comments!

Thick, sweet, and tomato-based.

Midwest >> Kansas City:
Thick and sweet, with a touch of heat. Want to try? KC Masterpiece is a pretty good representation of KC-style BBQ sauce.

Midwest >> St. Louis:
Tomato-based, thinned slightly with vinegar, sweet and spicy, more tangy than Kansas City. Want to try? Maull's is a locally-made sauce that represents the city's flavor.

Midwest >> Memphis:
"Wet" ribs are brushed with sauce before and after cooking; "Dry" ribs are seasoned with a dry rub. There's also pulled pork shoulder, which is covered in a hot, sweet, tomato-based sauce.

Dry-rub seasoning mixture or a thin, spicy sauce.

Spice rubs, particularly with Mexican flavor.

Thin, vinegary and peppery sauce.

Thinner sauces, more vinegary.

Thicker, mustard-based sauce. In Appalachia, the sauce is generally sweeter and is made with molasses, tomatoes, and peppers.

Is your mouth watering yet? Then try this easy Grilled BBQ Chicken Pizza tonight!

Have you tried any of the above? What's your favorite? How do you prepare your own BBQ sauce?

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