Meatless Monday: Summer Bean Salads

Whether you're a vegetarian or not, bean salads are a great side for summer barbecues. Most of our recipes involve opening a few cans, chopping just a few vegetables, and tossing everything together - super SIMPLE! So check out our 2 quick-tips for bean salads and our 6 easy bean salad recipes!

  1. Instead of draining the beans using the lid of the can (yes, it's easier but you'll smush your beans!), strain them in a strainer. Your bean salad will look that much nicer when you serve it for guests! It's also not a bad idea to run a little water through the strainer to rinse the beans.

  2. If possible, refrigerate your bean salads for at least an hour before serving. The sauce will soak into the beans more and everything will set nicely. An added bonus is that you can get it out of the way well before guests come instead of scrambling last-minute.

Celebrate Meatless Monday (and summer in general!) with one of our top 6 bean salads:

  1. Mexicorn Bean Salad: Contributed by Stephanie Ashcraft, author of "101 Things to do with a Salad", this easy bean salad is a surefire hit.

  2. Ranch Dressing Bean Salad: The cheesy, creamy goodness of this salad sets it apart from your average bean salad!

  3. 4 Bean Salad: If you like vinaigrette dressing, you'll love this four bean salad.

  4. Broccoli Bean Salad: Skip the bacon for Meatless Monday or substitute with veggie bacon - either way this salad is fabulous!

  5. Best Party Dip Ever: Don't be fooled by the name - yes, it's great for parties but it's not just a dip! It makes for a great side of bean salad as well, so give it a shot at your next BBQ!

  6. Light Mexican Bean Salad: Flavored with salsa and light cheese, this is great for people who aren't big on creamy bean salads.

Be sure to check out all our recipes for easy summer barbecues!

We are happy to support the Meatless Monday initiative. Check 'em out for more info!

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