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Bradley's on summer vacation so our new intern, Nola Solomon, from New York is filling in. She's an even bigger soccer fan than Bradley, so count on her posts to be action-packed and beer-filled. Enjoy!
- Vicki

Everyone is still talking about the ball British keeper, Robert Green, let slip through his fingers into the net for the memorable USA – England tie. Even more unbelievable was the surge of Americans who showed up at bars all over Manhattan to watch the game and, well, get drunk.

I set out on Saturday morning to my usual World Cup dig, Nevada Smiths, a bar in the lower east side that boasts cheap beers and a great atmosphere, but was unable to enter due to a line wrapping around the block. I ended up standing amidst a raucous crowd of all ages at Texas Western BBQ, an upscale grill restaurant and bar in Union Square, gorging on the house specialty, BBQ spicy chicken wings, and struggling to keep from spilling my Hoegaarden. I watched enviously as a couple lucky enough to get a seat at the bar dug into a steaming cast iron skillet of nachos supreme.

Tension ran high between the horde of Americans and the few Englishmen brave enough to sit at the bar and openly cheer their team. When Clint Dempsey’s turn-around shot petered into the goal, the bar erupted into a showering of beer and screams. Thank goodness the vuvuzelas have not yet made their way into Manhattan!

BIG GAME OF THE WEEK: USA vs. SLOVENIA, Friday, June 18 at 10AM EST!

Bring a taste of the bar scene home with Popcorn BBQ Nachos and Hoegaarden. Go USA!

Nola Solomon
We are happy to have Nola Solomon on board as an intern for As a French-American, she offers unique culinary insight on how to enjoy your food and efficiently plan for a hectic schedule. Give her recipes and tips a try!

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