5 Recipes for the Perfect Dinner Date

Whether you're single and planning a date with a new interest or cozied up and happily married, it can be really fun to have a semi-fancy "date night" at home. That is, until it's time to plan what to serve! Here's a simple guide with 5 easy recipes for the perfect dinner date:

Starter: Roasted Red Pepper Wraps
These simple apps are always a hit and can easily be prepared in advance and refrigerated until ready to serve. They're pretty light so you don't fill up too quickly.

Main: Boursin Chicken Wraps
The starter ties in nicely with this, and if you only make a few appetizers, you'll have enough ingredients for the main dish, too. This is another one you can prepare in advance and then just pop in the oven once you start eating the appetizer.

Side: Italian Artichoke Salad
Salads can get messy really quickly, and if you're trying to keep it cool in front of your date, you'll want to avoid dribbling dressing all over your chin or having veggies stuck in your teeth. While no salad is embarassment-proof, this one's pretty close.

Drink: Takes Two To Mango
It's always nice to start the night off (and continue) with a tasty cocktail. The name says it all with this drink - two ingredients equals a fabulous time!

Dessert: Chocolate Covered Strawberries
It may be cliché but there's a reason these are a popular date dessert. They're easy to eat and only require two ingredients!

These recipes should help make date night special while keeping it easy so you can focus on having fun. Happy date night!

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