Kitchen Gadget Must-Haves

This weekend I got the mother of all blenders and felt like I was finally on top of the world, or at least really in charge of my kitchen! Then I stumbled across this list of "must-haves" when moving into a new place and realized I was way behind the times.

Top 25 Must Have Kitchen Utensils:

  1. Shelf liners

  2. Organizing tools

  3. Pots and pans

  4. A crock full of kitchen utensils

  5. Kitchen knives

  6. A blender

  7. A chopper

  8. Kitchen towels

  9. Salt and pepper shakers

  10. Cleaners

  11. Broom and mop

  12. Baking pans

  13. Measuring spoons

  14. Measuring cups

  15. Pyrex measuring cup

  16. Storage containers

  17. Potholders

  18. Pizza cutter

  19. Ice cream scoop

  20. A good kitchen rug

  21. Placemats and napkins

  22. Slow cooker

  23. Colander

  24. Ice cube trays

  25. Coffee maker

So, let's see. I just got a blender, I don't have a chopper or a slow cooker, and I use kitchen scissors instead of pizza cutters (yay for multi-purpose tools!). I guess I'm not doing that bad overall, though I'm suddenly craving some slow-cooker meals ...

How does your kitchen compare?

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lindsay said...

I have everything I need off of this list, with the exception of the “chopper”. I’m not even sure what that is. Would that be like the slap chop? :) If so, I could totally go for one of those. 2 things I don’t have and don’t intend to have for a long time, or ever, are the place mats/napkins and the slow cooker. Place mats and napkins are far too sophisticated for me – I’ll stick with my left over Qdoba napkins (Hey… they’re free!) and the slow cooker is just not something I foresee using, ever. Oh, another is the ice cream scooper, because let’s be serious… if I had an ice cream scooper, then I’d have to utilize it and that would mean bringing ice cream into the house. Thanks, but no thanks on that temptation.

Vicki said...

Yeah, I've seen infomercials for the chopper and while it seems amazing and I can't believe I've been living my life without one (ha!), they sound like a total pain to clean. Especially since I don't have a dishwasher.

But the slow cooker! Maybe it's because you're a vegetarian and quite a lot of stuff you cook in one has meat, but slow cookers are my saviors for parties (well, parties I throw at my mom's house since I don't have one). But she has three - all in different sizes - and you'd be amazed how many dips you can keep warm at one time!

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