Fantastic Friday: COCONUTTY!

This Friday, as spring is really kicking in and unexpected heat is circling (most of) the world, we figured we'd suggest something a little more exotic for today's theme. The COCONUT! Who isn't a fan?

For dinner: Start off with some yummy Thai Coconut Curry Shrimp Dippers and finish with a wonderful Thai Coconut Soup. If this feels a little light, then add some Coconut Rice! This will be an extremely sweet and yummy meal!

For drinks: For a cocktail that really gives an exotic vibe at the dinner table, we suggest a Coconutty Cocktail!

Fun facts about the coconut:

  • Coconuts are usually harvested by people but in Thailand they use trained monkeys to do it! How crazy is that?

  • Coconuts are the seeds of the coconut palm tree but they are considered as a type of nut.

  • Falling coconuts kill 150 people every year - 10 times the number of people killed by sharks. Be careful!

  • There are more than 20 billion coconuts produced each year.

We are happy to have Hanna Skeppner on board this semester as an intern for As a Swedish-American, she has many exciting ideas to add a new twist to our old faves. Hope you enjoy her recipes and tips!

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