Menu Planning!

It seems as though things are beginning to thaw out (at least a teensy bit), but we're not quite ready for spring foods yet. Indulge in some super SIMPLE comfort foods this week and also pay homage to 'National Canned Food Month'. All these recipes help you reduce prep time by incorporating some amazingly SIMPLE canned short cuts!

Monday: Going veggie is easy with tasty and SIMPLE Poorman's Blackbean Chili. It'll take you 5 minutes to make. Now what's better than that on a Monday evening?

Tuesday: Don't think you can pull off pork-chops on a busy Tuesday? Think again ... this delicious Pork Chop & Wild Rice is not only quick and easy, but will also keep the whole family lingering around the dinner table until everything's gone!

Wednesday: Switch things up a bit on hump day and serve up these Chicken Enchiladas for dinner. And since it's Wednesday you can go ahead and have a margarita, too!

Thursday: The family will never know (and we'll never tell) that you didn't slave all night and day in the kitchen over this dish: Johnny, AKA Poor Man's Lasagna. The tomato soup is a miracle worker in this dish - trust us! Once you make this your family will request it every week!

Friday:Yay! Hooray! It's Friday! Get your weekend started with a little kick and try this Shrimp Diavolo. It's spicy, full of flavor and will pair perfectly with a nice, big glass of HobNob Pinot Noir (our current fave Pinot) or a cold Stella Artois. It's Friday - treat yourself right!

If you try these recipes out this week, be sure to let us know how it goes! Do these easy recipe ideas help you? What else would you like to see included? And if you'd like to swap a recipe out for a different one, be sure to check out all our easy recipes!

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