Leftover Salmon?

If you find yourself with some leftover salmon, don't throw it away - get creative with these 10 tasty things to do with salmon:

Grilled salmon, hot dishes:

  • Salmon pasta: cook up some pasta and grill some salmon, put the two together and you have a meal in less than 15 minutes. Adding some veggies and cheese can never hurt! Or use it in our Smoked Salmon Penne recipe:

  • Salmon quiche: if you’re making a veggie quiche and want to spice it up a little, why not throw in some grilled salmon pieces?

  • Salmon pizza: for those of you whose favorite pizza toppings are tuna or anchovies might want to try a salmon topping!

  • Salmon burger: the classic salmon burger. Why eat beef burgers when salmon burgers are equally tasty and much healthier?

  • Salmon rice: spice up that plain white rice! Serve with some green salad and you’ve got a meal!

  • Salmon bites: imagine pigs in a blanket using salmon instead. Much tastier, much healthier.

  • Grilled salmon, cold dishes:

  • Salmon salad: you can make a salmon salad as simple or as extravagant as you want. After combining grilled salmon pieces and green salad you can add veggies and personal favorites!

  • Salmon sandwich: similar to a salmon burger with a mere change of bread, condiments and temperature!

  • And don't forget raw salmon, which makes for great appetizers:

  • Salmon on toast: a classic Scandinavian dish so if you feel like a Scandy night or are hosting Scandy guests this dish will not fail you!

  • Salmon rolls: simply spread cream cheese on strips of raw salmon, roll it up, cut into bits and serve! Probably the simplest yet best appetizer I’ve ever been served.

  • For the sweet tooth, unfortunately salmon cookies and cakes are not suggested and have yet to be proven tasty but experimentation is always encouraged and let us know if you have any breakthroughs!

    Still want more salmon? Check out all our easy salmon recipes!

    We are happy to have Hanna Skeppner on board this semester as an intern for FunnySpoon.com. As a Swedish-American, she has many exciting ideas to add a new twist to our old faves. Hope you enjoy her recipes and tips!

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