Whine and Cheese

I've been waiting all week for it to be Friday! I'm moving on Monday and so this weekend is going to be full of cleaning and packing and who knows what else.

So I figured I'd get a jump start on some of the cleaning by cleaning out my fridge and wine cabinet. Can't complain about that! I'm having a few of the girls over before heading out for the evening, so I'm thinking we can polish off a bottle or two of wine while devouring this Feta Cheese Spread. Bonus? I'll use up the feta and the rest of my olive oil - two things you don't want to waste but will likely make a mess if you pack them up to move.

Anytime I can convince myself that having wine and cheese is actually productive, I think it's a success! But even if you're not moving this weekend, there's not reason not to dive headfirst into this super easy goodness!

Happy Weekend!

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