Start the New Year off right!

We probably all have resolutions along the lines of "eat healthier" and "lose weight". We probably also all had similar resolutions last year. The trick to making this year be the year it actually happens it to pick healthy and low-cal foods you actually like!

This year we're switching Veggie Tuesday to Meatless Monday - a great way to start the week off with healthy and tasty options while also helping the planet! Going veggie just once a week can really help with these goals. Veggie not your thing? You can easily add Tyson Pre-Grilled Chicken Breasts or some other form of easy protein to a lot of our recipes and they will still be easy and low-cal.

This week, try the World's Best Grilled Cheese with Tomato Basil Soup - they'll warm you up quickly in this chilly weather and are ready in 10 minutes!

And be sure to check out all of our easy vegetarian recipes!

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