Help Haiti

By now you've heard about the devastating earthquake damage in Haiti. We can't even wrap our heads around all the damage, and all the subsequent rebuilding that's going to have to happen. But in the short term it's even worse - people are in immediate need of food, water and medical supplies. We're helping in a few ways and hope you can consider doing the same:

  • The easiest way is to text "haiti" to 90999 and you'll automatically donate $10 to the Red Cross International Response Fund. The charge will appear on next month's phone bill.

  • If you're outside the US, don't have texts on your phone, or want to help in a different way, you can donate to Heifer International, which helps develop sustainable food programs in impoverished areas around the world. Prior to the earthquake, Heifer International had been supporting 16 projects with more than 16,000 families receiving assistance. That number is sure to grow as Haiti recovers.

  • Purchase a Fight Hunger T-shirt from Overlooked for $20 and they will send 50 meals to Haiti. Their goal is to send 50,000 meals - let's help them reach their goal!

If you want to check out the legitimacy of the charities or where your financial contribution will be going please check the Charity Navigator. It's a shame, but there are a number of scams around the relief for Haiti. Please don't contribute to anything that doesn't seem legit. When in doubt, contribute to the Red Cross.

We appreciate your help and support to these causes and know the people in Haiti will be eternally grateful for every single dollar or meal donated.

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