The FunnySpoon Five: Healthy Go-To Meals

"I'll lose 15 pounds this year."
"I'll cook healthy meals every night."
"I'll pick up fast food just this once but then I'm back on my diet and back to cooking healthy meals."
"Ok how about I just shoot for 10 pounds this year."
"Oh, who cares, this is too hard."

Don't let this happen to you! It's so easy to make a bold New Year's resolution but it's so hard to stick to it. The key is to make a PLAN not a GOAL. I can say I want to lose weight and be healthy but that's a goal, not a plan. Different plans work for different people, but one thing that works for me is to have "go-to" meals. I'm much less likely to eat out or eat badly if I have healthy ready-to-go stuff on hand. Below are 5 easy and healthy meals that you can stock up on (most of) the ingredients for and whip them out instead of giving in to a moment of weakness.

The FunnySpoon Five: Healthy Go-To Meals

  1. Chicken Picante

  2. Salmon Burgers 3-Ways

  3. Spinach Pita Pizzas

  4. Rotel Tilapia

  5. Zucchini Bake

Try 'em out this week and let us know how they worked for you!

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