Festively Fun Salad

I know, I know, who wants to talk about salads when there are tons of cookies and party appetizers and roasted turkeys everywhere? Well, maybe that's precisely WHY we could all use a salad! Instead of overloading on all the decadent holiday stuff, why not take a break this evening with a light salad, but one that's still festive so you don't feel like a scrooge?

Voila - this Bridal Shower Salad (not just for bridal showers, obviously!) from our partner Stephanie Ashcraft is the perfect solution.

Festive (with the red and green) - check
Light (save those calories for parties) - check
Tasty (even if you aren't big on salads this is a winner) - check
Easy (hello, it's FunnySpoon, easy is our middle name) - check

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