What Would Ellen Eat??

As you know by now, WE LOVE FOOD! All kinds, all varieties. Healthy food, gluttoness food. Hearty meals, lighter fare. Carnivorous dishes, vegetarian entrees. You name it and we'll try it. And then we'll try to find a way to simplify it so we can make it at home and fit it in our busy schedules.

We also love Ellen DeGeneres. She's funny, compassionate, incredibly generous & she loves life. You're probably wondering what Ellen has to do with food & FunnySpoon. Well, nothing. Except we recently learned that she follows a vegan diet ... and that started us thinking ...

Is it hard to live a vegan lifestyle? What exactly does a vegan eat? Is it easy to cook at home? Easy to eat at restaurants?

We decided to challenge ourselves to a vegan diet for a week and blogged about our experience. We imagined ourselves staring at the fridge every day saying "What would Ellen eat for dinner tonight?" and struggling to come up with an answer. Good news - that wasn't the case. We had lots of fun with this challenge, learned about alternative foods, made healthier choices and created some really great dishes!

We encourage you to check out the blog and give the challenge a try. It's a super healthy way to live, great for the environment and really kind to all of our furry friends. It may not be a long-term diet for you, but it's worth investigating (especially since we've done some of the hard work for you). Plus, Ellen will love you for giving it a whirl. Maybe she'll show up at your house for dinner!

PS: All of you experienced vegans out there - please share your thoughts, recipes and insight with us. We've just tapped into this world and know we have a lot to learn!!

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