Two Ways to Win This Holiday Season

This holiday season we're offering two ways to win some great goodies from Farm Rich!

The Farm Rich Coupon Giveaway

You probably noticed we've been talking about Farm Rich lately. That's because we really love their products! They're totally tasty and super easy to prepare, which is exactly what FunnySpoon is all about.

But enough blabbing from us - what do you think? Have a favorite recipe using Farm Rich you'd like to share? Tried a Farm Rich recipe and want to tell us how it went? Addicted to a particular Farm Rich product and want to admit it to the rest of us?

Simply cruise over to your fave FunnySpoon online destination -, here at the FunnyScoop blog, Facebook, or Twitter - and share what you think about Farm Rich. From now until December 31, 2009, the first two people to buzz about Farm Rich each week will score a coupon for a FREE Farm Rich product. (Read the rules here.) So c'mon, get into the spirit of giving and share your kitchen wisdom!

The Meatball Cookbook Giveaway
We've got a few copies of "101 Things to do with Meatballs", by Stephanie Ashcraft, and we'd love to share them with our fans. So from now until December 31, 2009, everyone that opts in to receive our FunnyMail emails will be entered to win a free cookbook. (Read the rules here.)

We're spreading the joy, you're spreading the word!

Farm Rich is a brand we personally love and is also one of our sponsors. Thanks to brands like them, we can recommend tasty, high quality products while keeping the site alive. Want more info? Check out our advertisers page.

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