Money-Saving Monday

In honor of Cyber Monday (and all the great deals you're hopefully finding online!), we figured we'd share some money-saving tips. We rounded up the food and cooking-related tips from this great Real Simple article about saving money:

  • From 10/2: Bulk up on basics. Purchase oranges, onions, and potatoes in bags rather than individually. You'll pay roughly half the price, and the staples will get eaten before going bad.

  • From 10/7: Look up, look down. At the grocery store, pick products on the top and bottom shelves. Bigger sizes of items, which tend to offer a lower price per unit, are usually placed on the highest and lowest shelves.

  • From 10/10: Shop locally, late in the day. Plow through the farmers' market right before it closes and you'll find sharp discounts (up to 35 percent), because no one likes to head back home with perishable goods.

  • From 10/13: Put your herbs on ice. To extend the short six-month shelf life of little-used herbs and spices, try freezing half of a new bottle's contents in an airtight bag or container (don't forget to label it). When the unfrozen portion of the herb or spice loses its aroma or flavor, replace it with the other half from the freezer. No more chagrin over throwing away a half empty $6 bottle of marjoram.

  • From 10/14: Break out the crockpot. You don't have to serve lobster to have a memorable dinner party. Stewing uses inexpensive cuts of meat, but the results taste great and you get to spend more time with your guests.

  • From 10/18: Wine about it. Instead of buying by the bottle, spring for an entire case of wine at once. Some retailers will offer a 10 percent discount.

  • From 11/1: Use your leftovers. Chop up chocolate candy or candy corn you didn't hand out on Halloween and use in your cookie recipes in place of pricey chocolate chips.

Be sure to check out the full article for all sorts of good tips!

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