The FunnySpoon Five: Benefits of Eating at Home

We know it can be tempting to eat out, maybe because you think it will save time or will be easier or will taste better. Maybe. But there are actually tons of reasons you're better off eating at home. Here are our top 5.

The FunnySpoon Five: Benefits of a Family Meal at Home

  1. Strengthen family ties. Family dinners are a great way for everyone to catch up on each other's lives. Parents can enjoy their childrens' stories while also being able to see early signs of kids getting into trouble, not doing homework, being bullied, etc. Studies have even shown that kids who eat family dinners do better in school, and in families where dinners together are a tradition, teen pregnancy is much lower.

  2. Save money. Spinach Fettucine with Chicken costs $10-$14 (depending on where you live) to feed a family of four, whereas takeout from a local pasta chain can cost about that much per person.

  3. Eat healthier. Most restaurants cook for taste, not diets. They add loads of butter and salt wherever they feel necessary to ensure the food tastes good. In fact, according to this health article, "people who eat out more often devour more calories but less healthy stuff, such as fruits, vegetables, and milk, than people who usually eat at home."

  4. Save time. Preparing a simple meal at home takes about the same time as driving to a fast food restaurant. Again, using the Spinach Fettucine with Chicken recipe as an example (hey, it's what's on the menu tonight), you would only spend 15 minutes preparing a great meal for 4 people. Do you really think you could drive to and from your takeout place in that amount of time?

  5. De-stress. If you plan your meals in advance and have all the ingredients on hand, then you can come home from work, whip up dinner in under 30 minutes, and sit down with your family and enjoy their company. Doesn't that sound better than running around like mad all night? Plus, no one will complain if you wear your comfy pants :)

Check out our easy recipes and challenge yourself to eat more meals at home!

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