What Exactly Is This FunnySpoon Thing?

Note: This is a copy of an earlier blog post but we find it pretty helpful in explaining the gist of FunnySpoon (and thought our newbies would, too!) that we decided to repost it. Enjoy!

I get this question a lot ... 'So, what is FunnySpoon? A recipe website?'. You'd think this would be an easy question to answer but it's actually not. I thought I'd try to break it down here for all of our new visitors as well as for our regular visitors who are still a little gray on how this site is different.

Yes, FunnySpoon is a recipe website. But it's not just any regular old, run-of-the-mill website. FunnySpoon recipes combine specific products with the best complimentary products to help create the best tasting dish. For example, the best canned tomatoes to use in the FunnySpoon Turkey Chili: Hunt's Fire Roasted because they add the perfect amount of spice and zest when paired with the other ingredients. Sure you can substitute with your personal favorite, but this is the brand & product the cook has suggested.

The other cool feature of FunnySpoon is the recipe shortcuts. Instead of following a 12 step recipe to create a soup we'll give you a kickstart with a recommendation for the perfect pre-packaged base. Not only will we save you 10 steps in the recipe, but we'll also save you 15 minutes of clean up time! We know that everyone wants to eat yummy and (fairly) nutritious meals but there simply isn't enough time to cook from scratch every day. FunnySpoon recipes help you short-cut recipes resulting in quicker prep, shorter cook time and less clean up. A perfect example of this is the Risotto Microwavo - risotto is a very laborious dish. It's amazing, but takes forever to make. This version essentially cooks itself. And after you try this you may never slave over the stove making it the traditional way again!

The goal of FunnySpoon is to help simplify the cooking and shopping process - we show you PICTURES of the products we recommend for each recipe. This makes it easier when you're shopping to quickly recognize the products on the shelf. It also guarantees that your sister in Seattle will get the same result as you do in Atlanta - national brands mean broad availability and consistency. This makes for simpler cooking. Yay for simpler cooking. That's what we all want, right?

In a nutshell, that's FunnySpoon - simple recipes made even simpler with shortcuts in the recipes. Voila. Who doesn't want a little more of that?

So ... how would you 'FunnySpoon' your family favorite recipes? Tell us. We won't tell anyone :)

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Nicole said...

I love this site! I'm a newbie and can't wait to try a ton of these recipes. I found your site in the Curves magazine 'Diane'. Great website!

Vicki said...

Great to hear - we're glad you're enjoying the site so far!

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