Veggie Tuesday!

As we've mentioned before, going vegetarian one day a week has a beneficial impact on the environment. You may not want to convert to a complete vegetarian but one day a week isn't as hard as you think. Be one of the first five to share your veggie experiences with us and we'll send you one of our eco-friendly, eco-fabulous canvas grocery totes. That would make two simple things you've done today to help better our planet ... yay you!

Give it a try tonight with these fantastic Meatless Tacos. I know what you're thinking ... not sure your family will go for the ground soy crumbles. I didn't think mine would either. However, they never knew the difference. And this is now one of my 3-year old's favorite meals. I feel fantastic about serving it because of the nutritional value and because I'm doing a little somethin' special to help the environment.

Don't be afraid - give it a try and let us know how it goes!

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