National Rice Month

Celebrate the world's most popular grain during National Rice Month! Did you know that the average American eats 25 pounds of rice each year? For your serving, choose a whole grain variety. Not only does whole grain rice have more fiber and nutrients, but the flavor can stand on its own unlike refined white rice.

Unsure if you should use short- or long-grain rice? Long-grain is lighter and fluffier than short-grain. Long-grain rice tends get hard when cold, so use it with warm dishes like stir-fries or a pilaf. Short-grain rice is softer and sticker when cooked, making it perfect for rice puddings or croquettes.

Play around with different varieties with these great recipes from FunnySpoon:

The Arborio rice in Risotto Microwavo is a medium-grain and absorbs less liquid than other varieties of rice which lends to the creaminess of the risotto.

Substitute Jasmine rice in Teriyaki Chicken and Rice or any of your favorite Asian dishes for a more aromatic flavor.

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Vicki said...

When I was on a low-carb diet rice was such a no-no for me. Now I'm slowly trying to reintroduce it while remembering that rice is healthy and is totally fine to eat, even if you're on a diet. Thanks for the suggestions!

Leslie said...

Low carb is out and whole grain is in. The best thing you can do when in doubt is to eat a non-processed plant. (Grains count!)

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