Veggie Tuesday!!

As we've mentioned before, going vegetarian one day a week has a beneficial impact on the environment. You may not want to convert to a complete vegetarian but one day a week isn't as hard as you think. Be one of the first five to share your veggie experiences with us and we'll send you one of our eco-friendly, eco-fabulous canvas grocery totes. That would make two simple things you've done today to help better our planet ... yay you!

Give it a try tonight with this spectacular Mexicorn Bean Salad from Stephanie Ashcraft, aka Mrs. 101. This salad is packed with protein and fiber so make it the main attraction for dinner - no one in the family will ever miss the meat. We like to pair it with the Guilt Free Guacamole and tortilla chips. And since summer is beginning to wind down you should enjoy all those fresh avocados while you can still get them!

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