Kid-Friendly Meals Are A Snap!

Kids are picky. Every parent knows this all to well. And dinner time can very quickly turn into a battle zone if you accidentally serve the wrong thing. Here are some recipes that are sure to be a hit and help keep the peace!

  1. Mexican Do It Yourself: What's better than a meal where the kids get to be in control of how they assemble their tacos AFTER you've been in charge of giving them the options? This is a perfect kid (and crowd) pleaser!

  2. Mimi's Mac & Cheese: Nothing's better than a rich, creamy macaroni & cheese. Kids love this because it's delish and mom's love it because it's fortified with protein and good stuff!

  3. Meatball Subs: Is is possible to go wrong with meatball subs? Kids love them! They're ooey and gooey perfection (and chock full of protein to keep them going through the evening!).

  4. Bacon Cheeseburger Mini Meatloafs: Everyone gets their own. No sharing. FANTASATIC! The kids will be sure to clean their plates when you serve these.

  5. Fun Buns: A nice change from traditional burgers and way more exciting than a sloppy joe. Be careful, though ... before you know it all the neighborhood kids will be coming over for dinner when you serve these!

What are your some of your favorite kid friendly (and semi-healthy) meals?

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