How do you FunnySpoon?

Just about everyone I know 'FunnySpoons' whether they realize it or not.

What is 'FunnySpoon-ing' you ask? It's simple. It's the short-cuts and secret tips you use when you're short on time and still need to prepare a meal. You have a bunch of secrets or favorite products, don't you? Sometimes it's a secret preparation technique. Sometimes it's a specific product that you swear by for a recipe (and are convinced that any other brand will change the recipe). A recipe that I've
'FunnySpoon-ed' is for my family's favorite broccoli soup. When I'm short on time, but still craving some homemade soup I use the BirdsEye Frozen Broccoli Florets. They're great because it's all the yummy parts of the broccoli and none of the stems and stalks you get with other brands of frozen broccoli. You'll save 5-10 minutes in cutting and cleaning the broccoli and no one would ever guess (or care!). I also use the McCormick Broccoli Soup Mix as the base of my soup (it's kind of hard to find, but it's usually in the produce section of most grocery stores). It's delicious and cuts the prep and cook time by 20 minutes.

Voila! A couple of short-cuts and I've 'FunnySpoon-ed' my delicious broccoli soup recipe for an equally tasty and much simpler version. I used to spend 20-30 minutes preparing and then simmering for 45 minutes; now it takes 10 minutes of prep and 15 minutes to simmer. That's what I call smart.

What recipes have you 'FunnySpoon-ed'? Share your wealth of knowledge with the rest of us!! It's not giving away any family secrets. It's cooks helping cooks ... and it'll bring you good karma!

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Vicki said...

My biggest "secret" is to use Boursin for everything! I love cheese and this way you can add cheese to your recipes and the herbs and seasonings are already mixed in! Be sure to check out all our Boursin recipes!

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