Take the FunnySpoon Challenge!

We're all busy these days – work, soccer games, summer parties, vacations. It seems so easy to just pick up some fast food or pop a TV dinner in the microwave and it seems so hard to put a tasty, homemade meal on the table. But then afterwards it doesn't always feel so good – maybe it was greasy or expensive or didn't even taste that good. So that's why we're kicking off the FunnySpoon Challenge!

For the next two weeks we'll be posting quick and delicious dinner suggestions on our blog – your daily dose of kitchen calm. We challenge you to substitute at least two meals per week with a FunnySpoon meal and then report back on the blog about the results. Did your kids rave over dinner? Did you save a boatload of money over takeout? Did one of the recipes become a new family fave? Did you sleep easier at night without all that fast food grease? Tell us in the blog comments what worked and what didn't and help the FunnySpoon community revolutionize their dinner experience!

Start tonight with Boursin Chicken Wraps and Italian Artichoke Salad. You'll get a tasty meal on the table in 30 minutes that's affordable and has super simple preparation steps!

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