Lotsa Pasta, Lessa Watta

Here at FunnySpoon, we're big fans of Ideal Bite. Even if you're not 100% eco-friendly 100% of the time, you can still do your part to help the planet with these bite-sized (and realistic, non-granola) tips.

Yesterday's eco tip was perfect for FunnySpooners - simply use less water when cooking pasta! Use 1.5 quarts (6 cups) for every pound you cook, place the pasta in before it starts boiling, and stir often. The benefits:

Fantastico eco-savings. You can get away with boiling a pound of pasta with only 1.5 quarts of water, rather than the back-of-the-box reco of 4-6 quarts (but you do have to stir more to make sure it cooks evenly).

Minimo carbon output. If all Americans use less water and put the pasta in the pot from the beginning, we could save 500,000 barrels of oil per year (energy used to boil the billion pounds of pasta we make each year).

Arrevederci, time waste. In our test, heating pasta and H2O together from the start saved 6 minutes. Not a lot, but think of all the pasta you make in a year ...

Read the full Ideal Bite tip and then try it out yourself tonight with French Onion Chicken Fettucine or Broccoli and Penne Pasta!

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