The FunnySpoon Challenge: Day 11

Ah, finally, a nice relaxing Saturday after a long week. I'm going on a picnic today (complete with plenty of FunnySpoon recipes!) so tonight for dinner I'm planning on making something simple - Ramen Stir Fry. Ramen isn't just for college students! With this economy it makes sense for everyone, and with this recipe you can dress it up and make it taste awesome, while still being totally easy!

Just a few more days left of the FunnySpoon Challenge. How is it working for everyone so far?

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jeanne king said...

I will try the ramon noodle stir fry next weekend. When we come in from a day of golf we are all hungry and I need to get a quick meal together. This one sounds great.
Last night I cooked colorful sweet peppers and onion in a tablespoon+ of olive oil I flavored with pinches garlic salt, basil,& oregano. I then seared Italian sausage & finished cooking in microwave. Served with bagged salad and bread. It took 12 minutes and was very good. The "men" raved...but they were also hungry. Jeanne King

Vicki said...

Your dinner sounds so good! Bagged salads are one of my favorite tricks - they're just as fresh but way easier than washing and shredding everything yourself.

Hope you beat the boys at golf :)

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