SSS #5: Fiber is your friend!

Newsflash: Most of us don't get enough fiber in our diet! We know it's essential to a healthy, well-balanced diet, but still can't manage to squeeze enough in on a daily basis. However, this may be some more inspriation for you: fiber can be your best friend when trying to shed a few extra pounds. Check out this clip from the Today Show from this morning to catch their tips on fiber (and a healthy diet in general).

The best time of day to eat fiber is at breakfast. Try this delicious breakfast burrito to kickstart your day. Low in calories, high in fiber and high in protein. It's the triple threat for swimsuit season!

How do you get fiber into your diet on a daily basis?

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Vicki said...

Wow - I never knew you could buy pre-packaged egg whites! I know egg white omelettes/breakfast burritos/anything is healthier than using the whole egg but I always feel so wasteful just throwing the yolk away. This is going to be so much better - and will save time!

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