Simplify your cooking and snacking

Have you ever thrown away a bunch of broccoli after it sat in your fridge for 10 days and started to smell funky? Or cucumbers that have gotten soft after a few too many days of hanging out in the fridge? I have. And it always makes me mad at myself because a) I didn't eat my fresh fruits and veggies and b) because it's a TOTAL WASTE OF MONEY!

I avoid all that self loathing now by cleaning and chopping all my vegetables and fruits when I get home from the grocery. It will add 15-20 minutes onto your shopping/grocery-putting-away time, but it'll ensure that all your fresh produce is at the ready for cooking and snacking. And they won't feel neglected and end up in the garbage. And it'll save you money ... and who doesn't want to do that?

What's your secret to making sure you eat all the fresh stuff you bring into the house?

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