No Brainer Tip #4: Use the right utensils

Makes sense, right? Use a whisk when you're beating eggs, use a fine grater for lemon zests and a larger grater for soft cheese. However, when you're in the middle of cooking sometimes you just grab the nearest thing, or you try to double up on your utensils so there's less washing up to do later.

Over the holidays I was baking a ton of cookies. I found myself trying to use my 1 tsp. measuring spoon for everything. I was filling it 3 times for 1 tbsp., estimating when it was halfway full for 1/2 tsp., etc. It was only when I was trying to estimate 1/8 teaspoon for one ingredient that I realized I was spending more time trying to use the same darn spoon than if I would have just gotten out the whole set and then washed them later!

I find myself doing that a lot - like, slicing tomatoes with a tomato knife and then trying to use the same knife for onions and not getting the best results. You may have a really good knife that can do it all. But when you have specialized utensils, I find it's best to use them for their specific purpose. And it's also good to actually USE them, instead of letting them gather dust in the drawer (whisks) while you try to get away with using something else (forks). I bought all this stuff - I should use it!

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Elle said...

I've done the same thing! You're so right, the right utensil makes all the difference. I have found that one type of whisk works better for gravies and another works best when blending dry ingredients for baking. Thanks for the reminder!

Vicki said...

I guess there's a reason they make all those different utensils, huh? Thanks for sharing!

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