Invest in Good Utensils

It really is worth investing in good utensils. A while back, I was making a dessert that required me to use a whisk to mix chocolate pudding mix and heavy whipping cream. Should be a simple task, right? Wrong. My whisk was a "bendy" whisk so instead of allowing the ingredients to whisk through it, it grabbed on to the mix and just formed one clump that got stuck in the center of the whisk. Great. After spending a lot of time getting the mixture off the whisk, I ended up just using a mixer to finish the job. Talk about a waste of time! Not to mention all the extra dishes I had to wash. Needless to say, I went out the next day and bought a nice sturdy whisk so that I'd be ready for the next time. And throwing away that bendy hunk-of-junk old whisk was SO satisfying.

What are your utensils mishaps? Any great suggestions for particular tools that get the job done better than others?

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